Buy hazelnut processing line in Europe. Equipment for hazelnuts / OREHOVOD - nutcrackers for personal and industrial use
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Hazelnut and almond processing line (200 kg / h)

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The set of equipment provides a full cycle of hazelnut and almond processing - from sorting nuts in the shell to quality control of the finished and sorted into fractions of the kernel.

* The line can be re-equipped and completed according to customer requests and requirements.
* The line is made to order for hazelnuts or almonds.

Delivery in Ukraine and other countries

The industrial line is a complete set of equipment for processing hazelnuts or almonds in industrial orchards and factories. The set of equipment is selected for maximum automation of the processing process and minimizing manual work.

The industrial line performs a full cycle of processing:

  • Calibration of hazelnuts or almonds in the shell by size. Calibration saves time and effort on setting up the nutcracker and increases the yield of the whole kernel.
  • Cracking a nut on a drum nutcracker for hazelnuts and almonds. The maximum performance nutcracker gently cracks nuts and yields up to 90% of the whole kernel.
  • Moving the nuts from the nutcracker to the sorting equipment is carried out using a lifting conveyor with a bunker. The conveyor ensures uninterrupted operation of the line and uniform supply without human intervention.
  • Sorting of cracked nuts on a vibrating screen and in an aspiration system. In the process of sorting on the equipment, you get a sorted clean kernel, shell and undershot. Sorting equipment is used for high-quality and fast sorting of cracked nuts in large volumes and performs up to 95% of all sorting work.
  • Quality control of the nut kernel on the inspection table is necessary to obtain a selected nut. During the inspection process, the kernel moves along the belt and the staff monitors the quality, if an unsuitable, spoiled kernel or pieces of shell are found, it is removed to the side.

The productivity of the industrial line is up to 200 kg/h. With a normalized 8-hour working day, the equipment is able to process up to 1600 kg of nuts (calibration, cracking, sorting of nuts). For comparison, with the manual processing of such a quantity of nuts, about 60 people will be required.

One operator is required to service each of the installations. The optimal number of personnel for continuous and high-quality operation of the equipment: 8-13 people (the number will depend on the nut).

* The line can be re-equipped and completed according to customer requests and requirements.
* The line is made to order for hazelnuts or almonds.

* The color or shade of the product in the photograph may differ from the real one.
Shipping cost is NOT included in the price of the item. To find out the cost of delivery to your country, contact the manager. All about the terms of delivery and payment here.

! Declared characteristics may differ when using low-quality raw materials.

* Low-quality raw materials mean:
- walnut affected by disease, mold or rot;
- a nut with a thick shell and partitions that have grown into the kernel;
- overdried walnut (the kernel crumbles during processing);
- wet elastic walnut, which, after splitting, retains its integrity and will not do without manual cleaning.

Hazelnut and almond processing line (200 kg / h) Hazelnut and almond processing line (200 kg / h) - 1
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