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A nutcracker is equipment designed for the fastest, most convenient and gentle cracking of a nut shell.
Walnut crackers are used both for domestic purposes - for cracking a small amount of nuts at home, and on a large, industrial scale - for processing large batches of nuts with the most holistic yield of the nut kernel.
Today, nutcrackers of every type, kind and size are widely used in all types of nut growing activities. Even the most common nutcracker is present in the kitchen of almost every housewife, and industrial enterprises crack nuts using industrial nutcrackers that can process up to 2 tons per shift.

Depending on the volume of batches of the processed walnut, the scale of the workshop or enterprise is distinguished: mechanical and electric nut crackers, as well as industrial installations.

  1. Mechanical nut crackers are designed for processing walnuts at home and in small workshops. Mechanical nutcrackers are driven by little physical effort, which allows both a woman and an elderly person to work. Such nutcrackers are capable of processing up to 15 kg/h of nuts, and one nutcracker is able to provide work for up to 3-4 sorters. A mechanical nut cracker is the perfect option if you want to start a small, family-run walnut business.
  2. Electric nut crackers are suitable for efficient and fast cracking of walnuts in small enterprises and workshops, where not only the quality of the kernel is valued, but also the time spent on cracking it. Such a nutcracker is capable of processing from 50 to 100 kg / h, depending on the model of the equipment.
  3. Industrial plants are industrial equipment used in factories and processing facilities. Industrial nut crackers are capable of processing up to 2 tons of walnuts per day, and the unique cracking principle keeps the walnut kernel as intact and intact as possible. The main feature and advantage of such installations is the principle of operation, which allows you to work with such equipment without prior calibration. And this, in turn, saves time and reduces the cost of purchasing calibration equipment.
    Walnut cracking is one of the most important stages of processing, and it is thanks to high-quality cracking that the most valuable thing is that the nut kernel remains as solid as possible, and production is practically waste-free.

When choosing between one or another type of nutcracker, you should pay attention to the model range, technical parameters, service life, weight.

Each nutcracker model has its own unique parameters, the combination of which creates a nutcracker for specific needs.

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