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About us

Orehovod Company is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of equipment for processing walnuts, hazelnuts and other types of nuts. Our company has been successfully operating in the market since 2012. During this time, we have become the leaders of the Ukrainian market in the sale of walnut processing equipment, and we are also successfully working with foreign countries.

What does Orehovod offer?

Orehovod Company is a guide to the world of walnut growing for both beginners and professionals.
Our distinguishing feature and competitive advantage is that we offer not only goods, but also complete, reliable, useful information, proven in practice about nuts and equipment for their processing.

Here you can find:

  • a wide range of equipment for processing walnuts, hazelnuts and other types of nuts;
  • useful information about walnut processing;
  • breaking news about the nut business and the nut industry;
  • access to walnut buyers in Ukraine and abroad.

We also provide each client with:

  • Individual approach taking into account all requirements and wishes;
  • Effective assistance in the selection of equipment, advice on the product of interest;
  • The most reliable information about walnut growing, walnut news and the situation with walnuts on the world market;
  • Practically proven information on the harvesting, processing and storage of walnuts;
  • Only high-quality and reliable factory-made equipment with a guarantee for the product and after-sales service;
  • Flexible and loyal system of discounts for regular customers and wholesale buyers;
  • Information and contacts of real nut buyers, partners.

What can you find in our online store?

The online store of the Orehovod company is a storehouse of the most necessary tools for professional and beginner nut growers:

  1. Nutcrackers (mechanical, electrical, industrial).
  2. Calibrators for nuts (roller and rotary).
  3. Sorting equipment (vibrating screens, belts, tables).
  4. Harvesting equipment.
  5. Equipment for peeling nuts from green peel.
  6. Tools for cracking, cleaning and separating the shell from the kernel.
  7. Drying equipment.
  8. Tree shakers.

Orehovod is experience, quality of products offered and European level of service for each client.

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