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Exchange and return

How can I exchange or return an item?

You can exchange or return an item within 14 days of purchase. This right is guaranteed to you by the Consumer Protection Act. To use this feature, please ensure that:

- the product has not been used and has no signs of use: scratches, chips, abrasions, the product has not been altered, etc.;
- the goods are fully completed and the integrity of the packaging is not violated;
- retained all labels and factory markings.

If the product does not work, the exchange or return of the product is made only if there is a conclusion from the service center authorized by the manufacturer that the operating conditions are not violated.

To return the goods, you need to come to our office, write an application for the return of the goods indicating the reasons for the return, after which we will refund your money.

Return or exchange procedure

You notify us of the fact of marriage or return within 14 days. We are making an exchange. The exchange is free. In case of refusal of the exchange, you draw up a written statement indicating the reason for the return addressed to the store manager. If it is necessary to check the quality of the goods, an examination can be carried out, during which the fact of compliance with the operating conditions and warranty conditions is established, as well as the authenticity of the facts set forth in the Application. The maximum term for checking the quality of goods in accordance with paragraph 6 of article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" is 14 days.

You must have with you:
- goods (and all its equipment),
- sales receipt,
- warranty card
- an act of the technical condition of the goods issued by the Service Center (preferably).

If you do not live in Poltava, you can send the goods back in the same way that you received them, for example, using the Nova Poshta carrier. If the product is in its original condition and packaging, we will exchange it for you or refund your money.

In addition to the product, you must send a free-form application for the return of the product, indicating the reasons for the return (describe the problem of the product and its defect, contact phone number, details for the refund), a photocopy of the receipt, the warranty card and the certificate of the service center, if any. available.

!Important - do not indicate in the bill of lading the service - the return delivery of funds. If this condition exists, we will not be able to receive your parcel and you will need to go to the New Post office again to change the delivery conditions.
If you are sending us a parcel through a carrier, please email us the order number and TTN to so that we can receive it.

When returning money for goods, settlements with the buyer are made based on the cost of the goods at the time of purchase. If the reason for the return is the desire of the client, and the product does not have any manufacturing defects, then 40 UAH is deducted from the purchase price (goods delivery service in Kyiv or according to tariffs in Ukraine). The money is returned to the buyer on the day the relevant demand is presented, and if it is impossible to return the money on that day, at another time as agreed by the parties, but no later than within 7 days. If you paid for the goods through a current account, then the refund will be made by returning funds from our current account.

How long does it take to exchange an item/refund?
If the product is new and has not been used, then immediately or the next day. If an examination is required, then 3-5 days. The maximum terms for examination - 7 days from the date of receipt and for a refund - 7 days after the end of the examination.

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