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Company Orehovod is a leader in the production of household, electric and industrial nutcrackers, calibration, sorting and additional equipment for walnut processing. Due to our own production facilities, we manufacture equipment for walnut processing for individual requests and customer needs. For buyers who want to get ready-made solutions for cycles of washing, drying, sorting, chopping and processing of walnuts, ready-made solutions for business are designed - walnut processing lines.

Walnut processing line is a comprehensive solution that is fully equipped for walnut processing. The purpose of the line is to optimize the work process as much as possible, to facilitate the work of pickers, to speed up the process of walnut processing and to get a high performance of the whole kernel.

Each Walnut processing line presents approximate calculations of equipment performance, manual power, efficiency and results. The costs of renting premises, hiring workers, and energy consumption are also calculated.

When ordering lines, you will receive qualified advice on organizing the workflow and building a nut business. Thanks to this you will save time and start implementing your walnut ideas with valuable knowledge.

Equip your production with a ready-made solution for your business with the Walnut Processing Line or we will make any complex, taking into account your requests and requirements.

We always go to meet our customers and are happy to satisfy all your wishes!

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