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Hazelnut and almond processing lines

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Industrial hazelnut processing line (200 kg/h)
340 415 UAH
The set of equipment provides the basic hazelnut processing cycle - cracking hazelnuts with a maximum yield of the whole kernel, sorting cracked hazelnuts and kernels, and automating the movement of raw materials. Productivity: up to 200 kg/h. Material: steel. Color: grey. Dimensions: 235*330*130 cm. Equipment: 380 V. Warranty: 12 months. * The line can be re-equipped and completed according to customer requests and requirements. Delivery in Ukraine and other countries
Hazelnut and almond processing line (200 kg / h)
512 315 UAH
The set of equipment provides a full cycle of hazelnut and almond processing - from sorting nuts in the shell to quality control of the finished and sorted into fractions of the kernel. * The line can be re-equipped and completed according to customer requests and requirements.* The line is made to order for hazelnuts or almonds. Delivery in Ukraine and other countries

We at Orehovod always keep pace with your needs and ambitions, which is why we present you with our professional hazelnut and almond processing lines. Our automated lines provide a throughput of 200 kg per hour, making your business more efficient and profitable.

We offer a variety of industrial line options that take into account the individual characteristics of each hazelnut and almond variety. Our lines are designed to accommodate the level of automation and processing required, giving you the flexibility to choose the best solution for your business.

What makes our lines special? We take an individual approach to each order, taking into account the characteristics of your hazelnuts and almonds. This means you get a line specifically tuned to your nut varieties and sizes, ensuring the highest quality processing.

Increase your business efficiency and simplify your hazelnut and almond processing with our professional lines. Reliability, individual approach, and high performance are the values that we bring to your business. Don't miss the chance to make your products competitive in the nuts and almonds market.

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