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Help Ukrainian business - help Ukraine!

Dear friends and partners, in this difficult time for the Ukrainian state and economy, our company does not stand aside!

We responded to our President’s call for actively restoring the capacity of the Ukrainian economy and launched our business.

And right now, more than ever before, we need your orders! Our inspired team is asking each of you for help, no matter who you are - gardener, nut grower, businessman or ordinary citizen!

What can you buy for yourself and thus help Ukrainians and Ukrainian business?

Any order, even a small one, is another day of struggle for common democratic values, freedom and sincere gratitude from every young and old Ukrainian!

Thanks to your orders, we will be able to pay taxes on time and in full, give salaries to our staff.

You can buy home equipment - hand nutcrackers and roller collector for harvesting in the garden. Such tools will be faithful helpers for you or a good gift for your loved ones.

If you have a walnut garden, walnut processing plant or you are just planning a nut business, we offer ready-made solutions for your business. In our range of equipment for:
collection of nuts and other fruits;
washing and drying nuts;
calibration of the nut;
cracking with maximum preservation of the integrity of the kernel;
sorting of cracked walnut, sorting of kernel by size and color;
conveying equipment for production automation;
And also - ready industrial lines for collecting, washing, drying and processing of walnuts.

Part of the funds that our business will receive from the orders will be used to help families with children affected by the war activities in the regions of Ukraine and to all those, who have lost their homes, jobs, money and relatives.

Why is it safe to order our products now?

We have currently prepared special conditions for our clients. They guarantee the receipt of full protection from all force majeure. Our team will be in touch with you 24/7 and, if necessary, will provide all possible consultation.

Friends, Ukrainian business, like the whole country, is in economic and humanitarian trouble, and we sincerely ask you to support our company. Thanks to your support, we will survive and achieve a real Ukrainian economic miracle!

The victory will be on our side and everything will be Ukraine!

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