Rope tree shaker - For harvesting / OREHOVOD - nutcrackers for personal and industrial use
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Rope tree shaker

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Rope length: 10 m *. Rope width: 8 mm *. Working height: trees up to 7 m in height. Recommended tractor power: from 15 HP. Dimensions: 30 cm * 58 cm * 50 cm. Weight: 40 kg. Suitable for: walnuts, apple trees, pears, plums and other fruit trees.

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The tree shaker is a device for quickly shaking off ripe fruits from trees. The shaker facilitates the harvesting process from any fruit trees, saves energy, significantly reduces the time to complete this difficult job, prevents the emergence of broken branches of the trees, as is the case with manual shaking, and also prevents possible injury to the pickers.

Benefits of a tree shaker:

  • Convenience - works from the tractor shaft, is manufactured for any tractor model;
    • Endurance - able to withstand a load of up to 3 tons;
    • Saving time - will shake the tree in ONE minute;
    • Reduces labor costs;
    • Ease of work - one person is needed to work;
    • Minimizes manual labor;
    • Safety - prevents injuries that can occur when manually shaking or knocking fruits off the tree;

Principle of operation: the shaker is fixed on the tractor, the tape, attached to the cable, is put on the tree branch, fixed and then the  drive is started. Within a minute after launch, all fruits fall to the ground. After that, the hook is disconnected and the tape is removed from the tree.

A complete set with a telescopic bar (for the convenience of removing the hook and tape from the tree) is carried out upon request at a separate cost.

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