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Dryer for inshell walnuts

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Productivity: 2 tons/day. Engine power (power consumption): 13 kW, working 4-6 kW. Heating: electric. Volume: 2 m3. Dimensions: 160 * 160 * 320 cm. Weight: 900 kg. Temperature control: yes. Material: steel. Color: green. Complete set: 380 V. Warranty: 12 months. No wheels. Manufacturing according to individual sizes is possible.

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The dryer is designed for drying inshell walnuts after harvesting, washing or cleaning from green pericarp. Drying of walnuts is a necessary step in the walnut business because the quality of the kernel and the storage time of the walnut in the shell depend on it.

Advantage of walnut dryer:

  • Evenly dries the entire batch of walnuts thanks to the walnut stirring system.
    • Prevents walnut spoilage - wet or unevenly dried walnuts quickly become moldy.
    • Does not spoil the quality of the walnut - drying in the sun can cause the kernels to darken.
    • Economical - energy saving system reduces heating time and costs.
    • Shorter drying time compared to natural drying under the sun.
    • Autonomy - does not require human participation in the drying process.
    • Compactness - takes up little space.
    • Ease of operation - one person is enough to load and control the dryer.

Principle of operation: the walnut is poured into the hopper and the required heating temperature is set. During drying, the walnut will be agitated to dry evenly. Unloading can take place directly into bags or onto a conveyor through the unloading compartment.

For the convenience of loading walnuts, the dryer can be equipped with a loading conveyor.

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! Declared characteristics may vary when using walnut with different moisture content.

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