Walnut peeling machine from green peel (100 kg / h) - Washing and drying nuts / OREHOVOD - nutcrackers for personal and industrial use
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Walnut peeling machine from green peel (100 kg / h)

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Productivity: up to 100 kg/h (depending on the ripeness of the walnut). Electricity consumption: 0.75 kW. Tank volume: 60 l. Material: steel. Dimensions: 90 * 50 * 55 cm. Power supply: 220 V. Number of revolutions: 125 revolutions/min. Warranty: 12 months.

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A walnut peeling machine is an installation for high-quality cleaning of a walnut from a green pericarp. It easily removes the green peel from a young ripe nut, leaving a whole shell.

Purpose of the cleaner:

  1. Helps to quickly peel the nut and send it to further processing stages ahead of competitors.
  2. With the help of a walnut peeling machine, you can prevent darkening of the kernel, save strength, time and clean hands (iodine and juglone in green peel are a common cause of darkening of the kernel).

Benefits of walnut peeling machine:

  • Significantly speeds up the process of peeling walnuts from green peels.
  • Qualitatively removes green skin from the nut, which facilitates further processing of the nut and increases the profitability of the product.
  • Washes away the iodine contained in the peel, which prevents darkening of the kernel.
  • Keeps hands clean - the green shell contains juglone, which is absorbed into the skin and does not wash off.
  • Preventive washing of walnuts after collection, which will clean the walnut of debris, dust and dirt.
  • By removing the green pericarp in time, you will start processing walnuts earlier than competitors.
  • Thanks to the sharp teeth, the cleaner will cope with both fully ripe walnuts and young, not yet ripe walnuts (which is suitable for making jam).
  • Optimum engine power allows you to work continuously, waste and recyclable materials will not be clogged under the working elements.
  • Convenient design allows you to independently replace working units, control the process and unload the walnut on time to prevent damage to the shell.

The principle of operation: we fill up the walnut, connect the water and turn on the peeling machine. The green peel is washed off with special brushes, and the water washes away the green waste. When the walnut is peeled, turn off the peeling machine and water supply, and then unload the walnut through the door. To avoid damage to the integrity of the shell, turn off the cleaner in time!

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! Declared characteristics may vary when using walnuts of different ripeness.

Walnut peeling machine from green peel (100 kg / h) Walnut peeling machine from green peel (100 kg / h) - 1 Walnut peeling machine from green peel (100 kg / h) - 2
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